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Our Solutions

Infortal Worldwide is a leading global security and risk management company. For30 years we have enabled clients across all industries to mitigate their business risks, protect employees and assets globally. We minimize corporate liability exposure and maximize operational successes..


“Keeping your company out of the headlines”



Infortal Worldwide has conducted over 2,000,000 investigations for some of the largest corporations in the world.


Global Footprint: With our global network of 800 professional investigators in over 140 countries, we have the capability to provide deep-bench investigations in every country. We produce fast and highly effective responses to our clients’ security and due diligence needs. We deliver in-country investigations based on local language, local culture and regional political issues that require local investigative knowledge.


Infortal's clients depend on our ability to be nimble, produce cost effective, yet thorough and fact-based results while adhering to our core commitment of high quality information, detailed reports with well-developed conclusions and recommendations that they can take action on.


Actionable Recommendations™

Features of our Actionable Recommendations™ Services:


  • Global employment screening
  • Deep-bench due diligence investigations in 140 countries
  • In-country investigations based on local languages
  • Analysis of local political issues to supplement your due diligence
  • Screening executive hires, third-party agents, and business acquisition entities for FCPA compliance
  • Workplace violence solutions and training
  • Forensic digital investigations for data security and due diligence


Features of our Actionable Results™ Services:


  • High quality, detailed due diligence information
  • Detailed, data-intensive, investigative reports
  • Summaries of data implications from both security and executive perspectives
  • A practical action plan that addresses your corporate needs and future concerns
  • Board advisory summaries to protect your Board of Directors and mitigate risk


Many investigative reports yield facts with no action plan; it can be difficult for your team to understand the implications of certain results in terms of your corporate needs, liability exposures, and future business risk concerns. Infortal provides a summary of these Actionable Results™ with our understanding of the implications from both the security and executive perspective in a series of Actionable Recommendations(tm) which are reviewed with your team.


Our commitment: Trust-Integrity-Accuracy. We deliver trust, integrity, and accuracy in everything we do. We focus on a Best Practices approaches and deliver high quality results in detailed, easy to read reports.


We become an extension of your in-house capabilities.

We listen to your needs and advise you on your approach, recommend strategies to obtain the best results possible within your budget. We will advise you on what may be missing that may be of concern to you, your people, or your business.





Corporations today face increasingly complex regulatory conditions and compliance requirements globally. The FCPA (and UKBA, amongst others) are being aggressively enforced. FCPA investigations by the SEC & DOJ are increasing and so are the fines & penalties, which now average $80million. Global business growth is frequently in emerging and high-risk markets where bribery and corruption issues are both common-place and pervasive throughout all levels of business. Screening and onboarding 3rd Party Providers has become a critical function for all Corporations working in these regions.


Infortal's due diligence investigations show that approximately 35% of 3rd Party Agents operate with yellow flag and red flag issues of concern. Understanding what these issues are helps your organization avoid unnecessary risk exposures and allows risk mitigation strategy to be implemented more effectively.


Infortal Worldwide offers 3 primary levels of due diligence to enable ranking risks and assessing impact throughout the organization. Ranging from basic due diligence services as a preliminary screening tool to deep bench due diligence, with expert investigative resources on the ground in-country to provide deeper due diligence revealing whether the potential for bribery, corruption and other crimes exist, or other situations that may adversely impact the corporation's bottom line results or result in adverse public and media attention.


Infortal's case management capability fits seamlessly within all third party compliance software solutions; we manage it so you don't have to.


IIf you'd like a unique and proprietary solution, ask about our proprietary case management software.


Infortal Worldwide adheres to legal and ethical standards globally.



Protecting your corporation's Board of Directors, shareholders and employees are part of key risk mitigation strategy. Screening executive hires, 3rd party agents and business acquisition entities is a Board Advisory function in most well-run businesses today. These due diligence reviews help the organization to hire & retain the best executives and business partners globally, reducing legal exposure for the corporation and helps to protect the board from unnecessary litigation issues, personal liability, and activist shareholder law suits.



Our Business Risk Mitigation solutions focus on Mergers & Acquisitions, including deep screening of executives to protect Board of Director fiduciary interests, conduct FCPA compliance investigations and business risk investigations globally.



We specialize in Workplace Violence solutions involving threat risk assessment of potentially violent situations, threat situations, and for companies planning a reduction in force. We have worked on several hundred situations to protect our clients and diffuse violent situations. We can train your employees to recognize the warning signs for violence, deploy armed protection specialists in threat situations, and protect high profile executives during international travel; keeping your most valuable assets safe and secure.


"Preventing crime and violence through effective risk management"



Infortal’s Computer Forensics solution specializes in forensic digital investigations, forensic analysis of data breaches; and merging physical and network security systems for peak network security performance.



Infortal has screened workforces for Fortune 100 companies, banks, law firms for 30 years including nationwide and international hires on a daily basis.


With our Best Practices standards, we yield the most accurate results in the employment screening industry, with over 50% of all full-time employees having various issues in their background; and over 70% of temporary employee workforces. We are the only company in the industry to offer double guarantees: 100% Guarantee #1: we report accurate information from the records source and 100% Guarantee #2: the information reported is for your candidate not someone else with the same name.


Delivering Actionable Recommendations(tm) globally for 30 years

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