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Why Select Infortal Worldwide
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Guaranteed Accuracy & Results

We are the only company in the USA to provide 2 levels of guarantee:
100% guarantee that we have the correct up-to-date information reported by the courts plus
100% guarantee that we have your candidate (not someone of the same name)

We get it right for you the first time so that you don’t have to spend time worrying that the results are wrong or worse that the results are for the wrong person! This happens a lot with most Consumer Reporting Agencies that only check the date of birth after they find “a hit”. Isn’t it reassuring to know that you have the right information right away? That way you can truly focus on more important tasks knowing that we have your interests in mind all of the time.

Your candidates can access the necessary compliance documents online at any time, plus we provide your candidates the ability to enter their own employment information online through our secure website. Your candidates can upload resumes and other documents which are available online until you are ready to move them through the screening process. Results are available through our secure site at any time of your choosing—your choice, your timeframe, for your convenience.


Our guaranteed results are available online; once complete there is no need to go back and check that we have up to date information since we obtained it the first time around—no wasting your time. You can make knowledgeable decisions as soon as the results are in! And because we have all results guaranteed, plus the court record details, you do not have to waste any time reviewing the information a second time.

Best Practices

Infortal’s reports are substantially more accurate than any other CRA in the country. We have maintained a Best Practices approach in employment screening and use highly trained investigators to obtain information globally—guaranteed, period.

Our commitment to you & your candidates:

We believe in accurate reporting at all times. Everyone deserves having their information relayed accurately.

We will double-check a background at no cost to you any time there is credible information presented to suggest an error may have occurred; we have experienced less than 0.5% error rate for over 30 years and to date have never had a FCRA challenge.

If your candidates have questions about their reports we will help you to answer them, in some cases we can help candidates to get their own records cleared up or corrected if mistakes were made by courts, motor vehicle repositories or credit agencies. We cannot change the records for your candidates they must do this themselves, of course.

Have any questions?


Want advice on how to set up an easy to use program?

We are experts in our field; if you work with a corporation or non-profit organization please call us to discuss your company’s needs and questions: Toll free at 1-800-736-499.

Contact us to ask a question and set up a new program. You can be ready to start sending us backgrounds immediately.

Want an easy overview of employment screening process? (click here)

What do you get?


  • 2 levels of accuracy guarantees
  • Easy to read results
  • Highly accurate data
  • No sign up fees
  • Excellent service
  • No installation of software
  • No minimum orders needed
  • Secure online transactions
  • Volume discounts (high volume clients)
  • HR policy guidelines for hire/ no hire practices
  • Complimentary statistical analysis: understand how hard your program is working for you!
  • Plus we provide up to 4 hours per month free security advice for our registered clients.
  • 30 years of expertise in employment screening


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