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Our Solutions

Infortal is not just a place to work; we value our employees and work closely together to provide a uniquely high quality experience for both employees and our clients—that is our commitment, every day.


Personalities: Infortal attracts high quality people that are both detail-oriented and take great pride in the work they provide to our clients. This is part of the reason that we have the highest quality and accuracy of work in the Consumer Reporting Industry, bar none.


We help our clients to perform their work to the optimal possible standards day in day out. We enjoy what we do and have fun doing great work that is worth being proud of. Our clients appreciate these qualities and together we form a basis of trust and goodwill that last for many years.


Qualifications: We have built our business over the last 25 years based on hiring the most qualified people and helping them to learn and acquire the knowledge and practical skills they need to succeed in business.


Values: We are entrepreneurs and highly skilled specialists who believe wholeheartedly in excellent service to our clients, vendors and all those we are in contact with. We believe in our values of Trust, Integrity and Accuracy.


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