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Protecting your corporation's Board of Directors, shareholders and employees are essential in an effective global risk mitigation strategy. Routine screening boards of directors, vetting executive hires, global 3rd party agents and business acquisition entities is a Board Advisory function in most well-run businesses today. The need for improved governance due to increased scrutiny and regulatory oversight have changed the operational risk exposure landscape substantially.


Infortal's due diligence investigations yield mission critical information to determine whether an M&A deal, new investment, or executive hire have hidden or undisclosed elements that may pivotally impact the deal size, investment basis, key negotiating points, or potentially cause unnecessary risk exposure, and even brand damage, to the corporation, its shareholders, and board.


Complex corporate disputes, hostile takeovers, proxy fights, and the agenda of activist shareholders may be averted or diminished when sufficient information is known in advance or assessed at the time of engagement. Key intelligence and investigative insights can be used to prevent or diminish potential for reputational risk and brand damage in M&A and other transactions.


Executive due diligence, beyond routine background checks, are essential in M&A deals, when hiring the best and to prevent PR nightmares. Many adverse situations involving senior executives in recent years could easily have been avoided. Routine background checks will not reveal hidden information such as change of identity or second identity, undisclosed conflicts of interest, and many other serious issues of concern when considering fiduciary duty. Infortal investigates and analyzes hidden and undisclosed information which are key to optimizing business risk mitigation. In our 30 years of experience we find that 20% of executives have serious and previously undetected issues in their backgrounds.


Infortal often works with the CEO's office, on a need to know basis, where highly sensitive or confidential matters are under review. As trusted advisors, we work with corporate legal teams, finance, human resources and security to assess degree of risk and provide insightful information which may be a game changer in terms of strategic assessment to your organization.


Infortal offers customized anti-bribery training for Boards of Directors, we design and implement strategically-aligned 3rd Party risk management programs and anti-bribery programs for onboarding new suppliers globally, and for new mergers and acquisitions.


These due diligence reviews help the organization to hire & retain the best executives and business partners globally. We help your organization develop best in class compliance programs, reducing legal exposure for the corporation and helping to protect the board from unnecessary litigation issues, personal liability, and activist shareholder law suits.


We help you to minimize corporate liability exposure and stay out of headline news.




Infortal provides clients a broad spectrum of due diligence services to enhance risk assessment and optimize strategic business decisions globally, with emphasis in high risk and emerging markets.


Our 30 years of investigative and due diligence experience are combined to create a best practices approach, yielding top notch results and comprehensive reports with Actionable Recommendations(tm) under attorney client privilege.


Infortal's Business Risk Mitigation solutions provide intelligence and insight in support of Mergers & Acquisitions, global business partnerships, deep screening of executives and boards.


Infortal also specializes in conducting Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA / UKBA) due diligence screening of 3rd Party Vendor Supply Chains, compliance investigations and business risk investigations globally to protect your company's fiduciary duty and Board of Directors.




Infortal is a recognized thought leader in global due diligence investigations. Our best practices approach yields 30% greater results in our preliminary desktop due diligence investigations than other companies in this field. Our innovative approach to basic due diligence screening of 3rd Party Supply Chains shows that 35% of vendors have corruption-related issues as compared to less than 5% typically found by competitors.


Infortal works closely with legal and regulatory compliance departments to create customized risk-based assessments utilizing well-designed risk management and due diligence tools. Our innovative approach provides companies with 30% greater results on which to make more effective anti-bribery decisions for strategic 3rd Party compliance, while helping companies to trim compliance costs.


We deliver a practical approach that goes well beyond just providing data; we present data, fact-based conclusions and recommended courses of action if additional steps are indicated or where there are other issues which may be of concern in lay terms. In addition to red/ yellow/ green flagged data, we deliver investigation results that are easy to understand and act on. We help your compliance teams to understand the data and issues of concern so that effective risk mitigation strategies can be implemented to improve regulatory compliance and protect the company, especially in high-risk, high-growth markets.


We make it easy for your compliance team to manage risk while significantly reducing associated operational costs.




Infortal helps companies to design best in class compliance due diligence programs involving a three tiered approach to effectively assess risk. We provide a highly cost-effective yet sophisticated review, combined with deep media review and deep internet searches, to yield far more accurate results than are found by most companies today.


Basic due diligence includes a review of company financial information combined with review of 1000+ global watchlists providing a snapshot of individuals and businesses that may have regulatory violations, crimes such as money-laundering, or financial sanctions against them.


When additional issues are indicated then a deeper-dive due diligence may be necessary, however, the need for additional due diligence is first risk-weighted based on the client's specific needs including overall risk priorities and exposure, size of deal/projects with that vendor, degree of country-risk and other business operational factors. Deep media provides intelligence far beyond that found in social media reviews, journals and newspaper articles. The deep internet is around 500 times greater than the surface web accessed in typical search engine results. All investigative data is analyzed and cross-referenced to create highly effective due diligence assessments. Information is securely reported and the subject of the investigation is never contacted.


Infortal uses the best technologies and extensive investigative analysis to deliver high quality, meaningful results with Actionable Recommendations(tm), while helping clients reduce screening costs. Red flag issues are discussed with the client on a case by case basis to determine whether additional steps are needed. Existing suppliers should be reviewed annually, or at least periodically, to track significant changes in supplier's background.

Avoiding costly and unnecessary mistakes in business transactions is often key to successful operational outcome and optimal profitability.

Make sure your compliance teams have the information they need to make effective decisions in high risk markets before onboarding new suppliers.


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