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Business Risk Management
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Know Your Business Partners sm


Infortal has earned the trust and loyalty of it’s clients by stepping into some of the most complex global M&A deals for major corporations & multi-national companies.


We find key information and deep-level due diligence information that other companies cannot provide, helping you to mitigate risks, protect your board’s fiduciary requirements and focus on your core business success.


All businesses face varying degrees of risk which span operational risks, financial risk, and a wide variety of legal issues. Together these risks may create adverse business conditions and ultimately affect the business reputation of the company both in terms of the general public and within the broader business community.


Infortal enables you to focus on corporate profitability by reducing and mitigating risks which would otherwise result in unnecessary legal or adverse publicity issues. These can be avoided by proactive due diligence investigations of prospective business investments and supply chain partners such as resellers distributors and other third party agents.


Appropriate levels of due diligence can be tailored to each situation, depending on prior information, level of familiarity with principals and key executives and level of investment exposure.


“Prevent unnecessary and predictable risks to your organization through effective deep-level business due diligence investigations.”


Mission Critical Focus:


Mitigating these risks enables your business to protect it’s primary revenue generation, protect your Board of Directors and focus on mission critical business objectives.


Traditional risk management approaches are insufficient in today’s ever-changing markets. Deep level due diligence enables you to minimize risks from FCPA/UKBA, non-compliance liability exposures, and reduce transactional risks associated with international business partners and their executives.


FCPA - Beyond Traditional Due Diligence:


Infortal helps clients go beyond traditional legal due diligence to determine whether business partners are who they appear to be, find undisclosed information, business discrepancies, and reveal hidden data on international transactions ranging in scope from FCPA & UKBA compliance due diligence to M& A transactional due diligence in over 140 countries globally.


We specialize in investigating cases of potential bribery, corruption, suspected money-laundering and other criminal activity in emerging countries where these issues may be difficult to track through other means. Our teams of highly experienced investigators include attorneys, top level law enforcement specialists, forensic accounting specialists and compliance specialists.


Special Feature:

Deep Level Due Diligence - What You Need To Know


Business Risk Mitigation: FCPA Compliance

(published in CALI Journal, May 2011)


Expert Due Diligence:


Infortal provides three tiers of progressive Deep Level Due Diligence reports to address FCPA /UKBA compliance, M&A activities, new international business partnerships, joint ventures, business investments, and other third party partnerships.


Rapid Compliance:


We offer a basic Tier 1 level designed to quickly & cost-effectively screen distributors, resellers & third party vendors against over 300 global anti-moneylaundering, politically-exposed persons and anti-bribery databases. At only $100 per name this is an extremely cost-effective and rapid compliance solution for corporations of all sizes.


This can be supplemented with deeper level media and internet searches to reveal involvement in other forms of criminal and questionable or undisclosed activities. Ultimately our Tier 3 deep level due diligence will reveal all types of business relationships, hidden, undisclosed activities and a myriad of other issues which can have substantial impact with respect to FCPA compliance as well as other business-critical decisions. Our thorough yet concise deep-level reports take up to 3 weeks to complete in any country globally, and frequently include unique and difficult to find information.


Further evaluation of key executives and top management teams can be checked through Infortal’s deep level Executive Due Diligence.


Our three tiers of FCPA Due Diligence range from a basic due diligence package reviewing names of executives and companies to over 300 AML / KYC databases, with a thorough review of media and deep-internet searches to in-country deep level investigations in the local language including the investigative components shown next.

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