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Business Due Diligence Reports
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Infortal provides two levels of international business and executive due diligence reports for more in-depth due diligence purposes.


Deep-level business due diligence designed to prevent bribery and corruption requires an investigative or on-the-ground research to really understand the issues involved in political corruption and expose information that may be intentionally hidden, or information about individuals who may not have been investigated or prosecuted locally.


Additionally an in-country check involves a site visit to determine whether the company is operating locally in the way it presents itself, and has the ability to ramp up it’s growth and distribution capabilities.


In the past few years:


  • More than half of all U.S. companies were restructured.
  • Several hundred thousand companies were "downsized"
  • More than 100,000 firms were acquired and/or merged
  • Nearly a million organizations sought bankruptcy protection in order to continue operating
  • More than 500,000 others outright failed
  • Seven out of every ten private investments are written off by investors


With over thirty years of experience, Infortal Worldwide offers deep-level expertise in business investigations. We have performed business due diligence on behalf of numerous corporate clients who sought the right investor or best fit acquisition partner.


Given the high failure rate around investment and M&A activity, due diligence is critical to increase the likelihood of post-transaction success.

Our Deep Level Due Diligence™ program is designed to provide clients with the facts and an evaluation of the risks before a transaction occurs and before risks are incurred.

Better information and risk assessment leads to better decision-making and better chances of success. Deep Level Due Diligence™ assess the attractiveness and viability of prospective investors and target companies as follows:


  • Business Investigations
    • Assessment of reputations, associations and ethics
    • Evaluation of other transactions and attendant results
    • Verifying or refuting allegations of questionable business practices
    • Evaluation of ability to expand facilities and scale operations
  • Investigate business history
  • Reveal undisclosed information
  • Assess history of financial fraud
  • Provide competitive intelligence
  • Uncover management effectiveness issues
  • Research trade secrets and intellectual property
  • Analyze off shore corporations and holding companies
  • Determine the presence of undisclosed liabilities, sources of funds and financial practices
  • Understand international connections between target companies and local government officials
  • Clarify who is well connected and who is in the process of moving upward or downward in their market space
  • Examine international compatibility
  • Review international law and operational issues
  • Conduct key executive due diligence
  • Assess business/partnership disputes
  • Investigate money laundering/corruption/organized crime
  • Analyze financial and operational history
  • Examine product diversion


Business Investigations coupled with background checks of Key Executives can be priced at a discounted rate depending on the number of executives included, and international components.

A typical Deep Level Due Diligence™ Business Investigation report will include the following public record searches:


  • State/ County Criminal records (all counties of business)
  • State/ County Civil records (all counties of business)
  • Federal Criminal records
  • Federal Civil records
  • Summary of outstanding lawsuits
  • Suits, Liens, Judgments& Bankruptcies (by State)
  • Investment publications search
  • Financial assets search
  • Real estate inventory (key money-laundering mechanism)
  • Educational & employment history
  • Corporate Officer listings (anti-competitive behaviors)
  • SEC Filings
  • UCC Filings
  • Internet Search
  • Media search
  • International searches


A detailed report is provided with Executive Summary, conclusions & recommendations and complete attachments. Updates are also provided beginning on the fourth business day. Overseas searches take up to 3 weeks to prepare.
Please Contact Us Us for International pricing.


  • For additional information on Business Due Diligence reports please Contact Us
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  • White Paper on Executive Due Diligence (click here)
  • Article on the differences between routine background checks & executive due
    diligence (click here)


Business Intelligence Reports

With deep-level local and global information assessments, Infortal can help your executives understand key competitive issues, and information regarding local business markets, red flag activity for corruption and fraud, undue political influence, and a wide variety of management issues that could become problematic for your business success in that region.


Executive and Board Of Directors Due Diligence

Infortal specializes in Executive due diligence investigations for improved Sarbanes Oxley act compliance and to help protect your company’s fiduciary interests. Screening executives and prospective Board members can strengthen your company’s compliance with Sarbanes Oxley Act corporate governance and also the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act FCPA.

Facility Security Audits

Infortal can help you to assess the security of your facility and to take appropriate measures to ensure that your facility's security is the most effective it can be. We identify where your security is most vulnerable by closely examining a number of factors including the following:


  • Perimeter control and alarms
  • Access control
  • CCTV and surveillance devices
  • Property handling procedures
  • System integrity
  • Guard and patrol effectiveness


Corporate Anti-Terrorism Planning

Terrorism has become a serious and recognized worldwide threat post 9/11. Whether your employees are being threatened at home or while traveling on business abroad, Infortal offers services to ensure their safety through:


  • Risk assessment
  • Terrorist threat management
  • Kidnap plans
  • Travel advisories (political changes, terrorist incidents and criminal activities)


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