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Deep Level Due Diligence
Our Solutions


Infortal has 30 years experience investigating businesses & key executives, uncovering hidden information and paper trails in over 140 countries. Our on the ground, in-country resources are seasoned investigators who are fluent in the local language, customs & political environment and can effectively access data both through public domain sources as well as other resources to create substantial profiles.




  • FCPA/UKBA Compliance
  • M&A Transactional Due Diligence
  • Investments
  • Emerging Market Business Growth
  • Resellers/ Distributors (supply chain)
  • Third Party Agents
  • Protecting BOD fiduciary interests
  • Special Procurement Deals


What We Find:


  • Money laundering
  • Bribery
  • Tax evasion
  • Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Relationships based on undue political influence
  • Procurement fraud
  • Organized crime
  • Other forms of criminal activity


These are some of the issues we look for in addition to other criminal and civil issues which may cause non-compliance or create serious public relations problems for our clients.


We provide in-depth assessment to clients with actionable recommendations and results that are easy to understand and implement.


Why Infortal?


Our strength is assessing business critical intelligence and positing results in alignment with corporate objectives. We specialize in thorough research and vetted on-the-ground field intelligence investigations. We do not provide irrelevant data (fluff) in our reports. All conclusions and recommendations are clearly stated for optimal use and, where necessary, effective damage control.


We accomplish this both rapidly and cost-effectively using a phased approach with red-flag reports for each tier or level of investigation.


Clients are able to effectively comply with federal and international regulations while executing to business revenue & profitability targets. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies in high tech, biotech, telecommunications, financial institutions and global law firms.


Deep Level Due Diligence Reporting:


Infortal’s deep level due diligence comprises assessment of the following areas:


  • GlobalWatch Alerts™
  • Review of 1,000 + global AML, KYC, PEP, & Anti-bribery databases
  • Media & Journal reviews (in English & local languages)
  • Business Due Diligence
  • Business Reputation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Undisclosed business information
  • Transaction evaluation
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Political influence issues
  • Regional Business Scalability Issues
  • History of business criminal & civil lawsuits
  • Executive Background Check Due Diligence
  • Undisclosed personal information
  • Involvement in other businesses
  • Financial Assets
  • Bankruptcy history
  • Confirm prior business sales (successes/failures)
  • Business Reputation & associated issues
  • Misrepresentations in their background
  • Criminal history
  • SEC violations
  • Confirmation of Educational degrees
  • Confirmation of Employment history
  • Sales history
  • Client /supplier relationships
  • Civil lawsuit involvement & bankruptcy history
  • Political influence issues & relationships
  • Employment issues (sexual harassment, other work-related concerns)
  • Lifestyle issues (Restraining Orders, Sexual predator/pedophile issues)
  • Ties to organized crime
  • Known family connections to various groups (org crime, politicians, activist groups)


Infortal also offers adjunct investigations and in-country assessments which may affect new business relationships, investments in overseas entities, executive recruitment and facility development:


  • Executive Vulnerability Assessments
  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • Facility Audits
  • Corporate Anti-terrorism Planning
  • IP forensic investigations
  • Emergency extraction of in-country personnel
  • Executive protection (armed & close protection)


For more information about FCPA Compliance and Deep Level Due Diligence please see article "Deep Level Due Diligence: What you need to know” published on the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog.

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