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FCPA Compliance
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FCPA /UKBA Compliance:


Businesses must not only survive but thrive in uncertain conditions, risky markets, increased and dispersed global trade environments with many variables outside of the corporation’s immediate control. Yet international business often requires broad-based risk taking. Infortal’s deep level due diligence capabilities globally affords you the peace of mind & demonstrated compliance that business partners have been effectively screened.


Infortal’s Expertise:


If you are considering joint ventures, investments in emerging markets, potential mergers & acquisitions, or working through vendors, distributors & resellers , or other third party supply chain agents, Infortal’s 30 years of investigative experience will provide you with the information needed to assess the degree of risk involved and create an actionable well-planned response as needed to achieve compliance.


Customized FCPA Reporting:


Infortal has the ability to customize every investigation according to your corporate objectives. We provide clients the consultation and needs assessment to create and define scope objectives to yield the highest quality results and bring each investigation highly accurate conclusions and actionable results on an international business basis.


We specialize in protecting your business interests, continue trading, expand your international capabilities and enable your business to remain compliant with increasing trade regulations such as the FCPA, UKBA and various federal sanctions programs.


Red Flag Issues:


In a world of increasing regulatory requirements and complex business transactions, Infortal’s easy to use yet detailed reports create red-flag assessments (red/yellow/green alerts) to easily manage flow of information and degree of risk response. Potential red flags may involve business ties or other exposures to government officials, red flags for corruption activities,


Risk assessment and business due diligence programs are designed to detect a myriad of issues related to money-laundering, bribery, corruption and undue political influence in international trade.


Risk Management:


Effective risk assessment will help your organization to control risk exposure, reduce risk-prone activities, and enable your company to mitigate risk and reduce corporate liability exposure through substantive k compliance efforts.


Infortal offers a 3 Tier approach to assist clients in mitigating exposure under the FCPA, UKBA, USA Patriot Act and exposure from Politically Exposed Persons (PEP’s).


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