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GlobalWatch Alerts™
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Corporations today are facing increased regulatory compliance requirements, with fines & penalties frequently exceeding $30m. Total FCPA-related fines have already exceeded well over $1.6 billion. Yet companies can easily and cost-effectively conduct basic levels of due diligence that provide essential red flag information for potential compliance issues.


Infortal’s basic level (Tier 1) FCPA due diligence includes a review of company or executive names against a comprehensive list of over 300 global watch lists designed to help companies in their AML, KYC and compliance activities.


Tier 1 GlobalWatch Alerts™ :


Fast & cost-effective, Tier 1 GlobalWatch Alerts™ include all U.S. federal and state watch lists, sanctions lists and other database sources of information that are designed to help companies comply with US Federal regulations including the FCPA and international regulations such as the UK Bribery Act (UKBA).


These lists are designed to help clients understand and mitigate their business risks when conducting international business.


GlobalWatch Alerts™ include federal & international government lists; to name just a few of the more than 300 lists we review :


  1. Federal FBI Most Wanted Terrorist List
  2. Federal FBI Most Wanted Fugitives List
  3. Federal Criminal Records (by Federal Court District)
  4. Federal Civil Records (by Federal Court District)
  5. Federal FBI Cybercrime List
  6. Federal Customs Service Most Wanted
  7. Federal Drug Enforcement agency Most Wanted
  8. Secret Service Most Wanted
  9. US Marshals Most Wanted
  10. Office Of Foreign Assets Control OFAC
  11. Federal SANCTIONS
  12. Federal Prohibited Parties List
    1. OFAC Specially Designated Nationals List
    2. Federal Denied Persons List
    3. DOS Terrorist Exclusion List TEL
    4. FDA Debarred Persons List
    5. INTERPOL’s Most Wanted Fugitives List
    6. European Union EU Terrorism List
    7. Bank Of England & EU Financial Sanctions Targets
    8. Canadian OSFI
    9. Hong Kong Monetary Authority List
    10. World Bank Ineligible Firms
    11. World Bank Debarred Parties


For a complete list please Contact Us.


Costs are based on individual name searches with prices starting at only $100 per name.


Media & Internet Searches:


Review of these lists is often supplemented by our clients with a review of media articles from local international newspapers & journals which includes over 2 million international media articles. Additionally Infortal conducts deep-level internet searches to determine whether additional names, companies and undisclosed activities exist which may warrant further due diligence.


These two investigations combine to create a highly effective basic due diligence review of resellers, distributors and third party agents globally.


Red Flag reporting:


The results of these combined searches are compiled in an easy to use report with red/yellow/green flags which clearly indicate whether there is a need for deeper level due diligence. All information results are presented along with conclusions and recommendations for further action if warranted.


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