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Cyberspace fraud against the business community amounts to more than $1.6 trillion in losses a year worldwide. Cybercrime consists of primarily internet fraud, security breaches, identity theft, unauthorized access to and misappropriation of corporate assets through computer networks.


This continues to be one of the fastest growing crimes impacting companies of all sizes across all industries and is a global issue.


We work with a wide number of clients in various industries who rely on us to help them safeguard their assets from breaches of computer security.


We work in unison with network security specialists, providing analysis of physical and human security issues and solutions that must be incorporated to be more effective in preventing these types of crimes. The issues around computer security are myriad and the incident rate of computer security breaches is increasingly more effective and conducted by criminals on an organized basis.


Corporate computer networks and data repositories are vulnerable to attack and increasingly subject to attack. It is therefore essential to have strong, consistently applied physical security and computer security policies and programs in place.


The most frequent cybercrimes continue to be hacking through corporate firewalls, virus attacks, malicious code attacks, data breaches, identity theft, and theft of intellectual property.


  • System architecture review
  • Computer Security Best Practices
  • Computer/ Digital Forensics
  • Computer Policies and Procedures
  • Data and Disaster Recovery
  • Policy Review & Training
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