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Intellectual Property Protection
Our Solutions

Corporations spend millions of dollars annually to secure patents, registered marks (trademarks and service marks), copyrights and trade secrets because these create valuable legally-enforceable barriers to entry.


Despite the care taken to legally protect their intellectual property (IP), companies experience widespread and ongoing abuse and theft of IP.


Today, digital content is particularly at risk from hackers, employee theft and external peer to peer networks wreaking havoc at every opportunity. In fact internal employees account for as much as 80% of Intellectual Property theft.


Infortal's IP Assured™ is designed to safeguard intellectual property from criminals anywhere in the world.


IP Assured™ provides expertise in the following related areas:


  • Intellectual Property Policy & Procedure review
  • Employee Awareness Programs
  • IP and Computer Security
  • Intellectual Property Investigations
    • Patent and Registered Mark Infringements
    • Copyright Violations
    • Trade Secret Theft
  • Surveillance
  • Counter measures TSCM “sweeps”
  • Cellular forensics
  • FCPA compliance (screening your international vendors)
  • Corporate Counter Espionage Programs
  • Vulnerability Studies
  • Computer Forensics
  • Data Recovery
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