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Drug Testing
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There are many reasons to implement a drug-testing program. Drug testing is widely believed to help employers maintain a safer, more secure workplace through reduction of absenteeism, reducing on-the- job accidents, reducing threats to the health and safety of co-workers, reducing drug usage & drug trafficking at work sites, and minimizing drug & alcohol addiction at work. Many employers must comply with insurance requirements and specific contractual requirements mandating drug testing.


Infortal offers a variety of drug screening options which are tailored to your company needs. We provide testing for companies of all sizes. Our drug testing programs are fast, accurate and legally compliant. With thousands of locations to select from, we offer your applicants ease of finding a convenient location plus the privacy they expect.


Drug screening options include urine, saliva (oral fluid) and hair analysis. 5 & 10 panel drug tests are widely available in addition to a full array of substance screening services. Infortal’s lab partners comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations.


Our drug testing labs provide easily located collection centers, clinics and other remote location services making it extremely easy for all of your candidates to complete their testing -- fast, accurate and convenient to use.


Infortal is proud to partner with Quest Diagnostics laboratories to provide all types of drug-screening services at over 2,000 locations around the US.


Quest Diagnostics performs testing for more than half a million patients each day, serving approximately half of the physicians and hospitals in the United States.


Click here for the drug testing centers nearest you; including some locations with Saturday hours.



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This locator helps you find the Patient Service Centers most convenient for you in the United States. Location results provide details on the hours of operation and phone numbers for each Patient Service Center.


Quest Diagnostics accepts most insurance plans. View insurance plans within your state.


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