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Menu of Employment Screening Components
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Infortal conducts numerous types of searches. If you do not see the search component that you are interested in on this list, then please Contact Us.


  • 10 panel drug tests
  • 12 question Reference Interviews
  • 5 Panel Drug Tests
  • 7 question Reference Interviews (conducted via telephone, entered online)
  • Bankruptcies (State)
  • Blocked Persons
  • Civil Records (by County/ State Court)
  • Civil Records (Federal Court)
  • Credit History Report
  • Credit History with Analysis
  • Criminal Records (by County/ State Court)
  • Criminal Records (Federal Court)
  • Denied Persons
  • Department Of Corporations
  • Education Verification (additional degrees)
  • Education Verification (highest degree earned)
  • Employment Verification
  • E-Verify
  • FAA listing**: Pilots License check
  • FAA Mechanics license check
  • FDA Debarment
  • FDA Disqualified List for Clinical Investigators
  • Federal Bankruptcy search (online database)
  • Federal Civil Records (US Federal District Courts)
  • Federal criminal records (P.A.C.E.R.)***
  • Federal GSA Excluded Parties List
  • Federal OIG List of Excluded Individuals/ Entities (DHHS)
  • Federal Reserve List of Enforcement Actions
  • Fictitious Business Names
  • Financial & Assets Check
  • Fraud & Abuse Control Information System (FACIS): healthcare professionals sanctions
  • Homeland Security Search (National & International lists)
  • I-9 Employment Verification Services
  • Includes both Felony & Misdemeanor Records.
  • In-depth Reference Interviews
  • International Searches
    • Australian Criminal History
    • Canadian Criminal History
    • Canadian Driving History
    • International Civil Records
    • International Criminal History (Media Search)
    • International Education Verification
    • International Employment Verification
    • Internet Search (Press Releases & Publications)
    • Interpol Criminal Database Check
    • Media, Internet & Periodicals search
  • Investigative Civil Records (conducted by Licensed Investigator at County/ State Court)
  • Investigative Criminal Records (conducted by Licensed Investigator at County/ State Court). Felony & Misdemeanor Records.
  • Military Discharge Records
  • Nationwide Sex Offenders List
  • OFAC Office of Foreign Assets Control
  • PEP Politically Exposed Persons Search
  • Professional License Check
  • Prohibited Parties
  • Real Estate Search
  • Regulatory Sanctions (by industry)
  • SANCTNS Federal financial sanctions (global)
  • Social Security Address Trace
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • State Bar License
  • State Concealed Weapons Permit check
  • State Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV or MVR)*
  • State Registry of Sex Offenders (by State)
  • Suits, Liens & Judgments
  • Terrorist List
  • UCC Filings
  • Workers Compensation reports (state)


* MVR=Motor Vehicle Record
**FAA=Federal Aviation Administration
***PACER=Public Access to Court Electronic Records


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  1. Business Risk Mitigation (check a company’s background & business reputation).
    Note: FCRA Disclosure signature is not needed.
  2. Executive Due Diligence Background (check executive or Board Member or Investor’s history for business due diligence purposes;
    Note: No FCRA Disclosure signature is needed
  3. Subcontractor & Vendor Screening
    Note: FCRA Disclosure signature needed only for credit history check.
  4. Personal Background Checks
  5. Workplace Violence Threat (Background Investigation of person making a threat)
  6. Security Case (Background Investigation of suspected persons/criminal activities)

Executive Screening:


Did you know that 20% of executive hires do not check out well?


Do you conduct routine background checks on executives? Here is what you should know about protecting your company’s Board Of Directors and your fiduciary interests: click here.


For Executive Level hires & global due diligence checks: click here

Workplace Violence:


Concerned about bullying & threats in the workplace?
For Workplace Violence prevention and armed protection: click here


FCRA Compliance:


Infortal maintains strict compliance with state and federal regulations related to employment screening and background checks. We provide clients advice on improving and strengthening their existing screening programs for improved accuracy, improved efficiency (we obtain criminal conviction details right up front—no going back to the courts if a “hit” is found!).


We help our clients to understand the information received.


We proactively alert clients to developing trends in pre-employment screening and other areas that may affect the safety and security of their employees and their business.


We work closely to assist you with a variety of issues that may arise: such as uniform hiring criteria, no-hire policies & guidance, and workplace safety policies. These are integrated with advice from your company’s legal counsel.


Need help understanding the Fair Credit Reporting Act? Contact Us for free support & assistance in how to design an effective employment screening program and FCRA (FACT Act Forms)


Program enables great hires & keeps your workforce safer

How can you measure whether your background check program is successful in giving you thorough and accurate information?


During the past 30 years, Infortal Worldwide has found that statistical reviews for clients across all industries result in the following ranges of discrepancies between what their applicants show on job applications and the facts delivered by Infortal:


Type of Discrepancy Percent Range
Criminal Records 3% to 5%
Education 2% to 10%
Employment 25% to 35%
Driving Histories 5% to 8%
All Discrepancies 45% to 55%


NOTE: if your vendor does not report discrepancies this frequently, then they may not be doing a thorough check!

Beware of companies that report low discrepancy rates. We often hear of companies that report overall low rates of discrepancy data between 5% and 30%.

Based on over 30 years of statistics, you should see discrepancies on employment applications in the range of 45% to 55%.




We can help you establish a program for adjudicated results, removing the option for staff to interpret criminal conviction records. Understand and incorporate red flag concerns in all hiring decision points.

Clearly written HR policy is a first step in creating an effective adjudication program that can be widely applied in larger company environments.


  • Establish clear screening guidelines & hiring policy
  • Implement consistent screening standards across your organization
  • Eliminate objectivity from the hiring process
  • Ensure uniform decisions are made before hiring candidates


For more information, Contact Us.


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