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Workplace Violence Training
Our Solutions

At Infortal Worldwide, we believe in taking a proactive approach and our security experts will help you prepare for a crisis and reduce your exposure to risk. Infortal's proprietary Prevention Preparedness™ program provides comprehensive solutions designed to detect and prevent violence due to third party criminal intent, unstable current and former employees, stress-induced violence tied to terminations or reduction-in-force (RIFs) and terrorist acts. Infortal Worldwide can mobilize rapidly and respond to situations quickly and effectively.


Infortal assists your management team in making the decisions that will impact the liability exposure of your company, the safety and well being of employees and the long-range implications of morale and productivity of your workforce.


Our team of experts includes:


  • Specialists experienced in crisis management
  • Security professionals
  • Psychologists
  • Investigators


Infortal's Prevention Preparedness™ is a focused and comprehensive program that combines training, crisis management, employee and executive protection, facility security audits, and anti-terrorism measures to significantly reduce the risk of workplace violence. We specialize in helping you alleviate a problem before it develops into an explosive situation. To do this, we focus on the following core Prevention Preparedness™ program areas:


Give your management team the necessary tools to spot a disgruntled employee and to identify a potentially explosive situation. Infortal will develop a training seminar tailored to your management team and industry that will educate them on the warning signs of potential workplace violence, as well as how to effectively manage a potentially violent situation. Effective awareness training facilitates detection and prevention of workplace violence.


Workplace Violence HR Policy


Infortal will work with your Human Resources and Security departments to create a Zero Tolerance policy and training for workplace violence, harassment and bullying. All such policies need to be reviewed with your company’s legal counsel prior to use.


Crisis Management Planning


Developing a Crisis Management Plan and assigned Crisis Management Team is key to effective response in the face of a serious or credible threat. This is an essential component of active response, resulting in more effective response and Chain-Of-Command action, even if the CMT is a small group of executives.

Infortal will assist you in developing a plan that works best for your management team and employees.

It is critical that responsible and immediate measures be taken to contain a crisis, respond proactively to employee concerns, and respond if the media becomes involved.


Threat Risk Assessment


Infortal conducts threat assessments designed to evaluate the level of risk, identify type of threat, evaluate propensity to commit violent acts and design an appropriate response based on the unique facts presented by each situation.


We have responded to literally hundreds of threat situations, reductions in force, and hostile employee exit interviews. We work closely with your staff to obtain the relevant information to conduct a detailed violence-related background check, understand the issues involved and threats made then prepare a threat assessment of risk exposure.


Recommendations are made, dependent on the level of risk, for protective services and any ongoing issues following the immediate situation.


Employee and Executive Armed Protection


Infortal will provide you with professionally trained, experienced armed specialists, available 24/7 for as long as necessary to ensure employee and executive safety, based on a specific threat assessment.

This is highly specialized armed protection requiring specialists in armed response, hostage negotiation and understanding the unique issues that may be involved in workplace-related threats.
In certain types of situation, psychological assessment may be recommended for the safety of both employees and the person making threats.


Unarmed Patrol/ Uniformed Guards


Infortal does not recommend responding to threat situations with unarmed guards or uniformed patrol guards that carry no weapons as they are unable to intervene if the threatener arrives with weapons.

In accordance with state and federal regulations, unarmed patrol guards can only “Observe & Report”. They cannot carry concealed weapons and are unable to actively intervene.
Unarmed guards do provide a deterrent effect to help prevent theft, property crimes, and similar misconduct. They should be included when a hostile employee has been terminated from employment and trained, along with lobby receptionists, in what to do if a terminated employee or person making threats shows up at your facility at some time in the future.


Facility Security Audits


Infortal helps you to assess the security of your facility, safety and security for your employees, and to take appropriate measures to ensure that your facility's security is the most effective it can be.

We identify where your security is most vulnerable by closely examining a number of factors including the following:


  • Perimeter control and alarms
  • Access control
  • CCTV and surveillance devices
  • Property handling procedures
  • System integrity
  • Guard and patrol effectiveness
  • Crisis Management Plan
  • Executive Vulnerability Assessments
  • Bomb threat evaluation
  • Armed Threat Response


Corporate Anti-Terrorism Planning


Terrorism has become a serious and recognized worldwide threat post 9/11. Whether your employees are being threatened at home or while traveling on business abroad, Infortal offers services to ensure their safety through:


  • Risk assessment
  • Terrorist threat management
  • Evaluating bomb threats (domestic terrorism, activist groups)
  • Kidnap plans
  • Travel advisories (political changes, terrorist incidents and criminal activities)


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