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Same name, different spelling results in finding criminal conviction
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A client contacted Infortal with a request to conduct a thorough background investigation on a new hire who would be a key employee reporting directly to a CEO of a company. A regular background check of a candidate run by a Consumer Reporting Agency didn’t show any red flags.




The subject had no criminal records under his given and legal name “McGraw” (name changed for confidentiality reasons). However, after deeper search Infortal found a criminal conviction under the name “MacGraw”.


Infortal’s research showed the court recorder had incorrectly spelled the defendant’s last name. Although the name was corrected later by the court, the original case header was never changed. The other Consumer Reporting Agency’s data was not correct. They did not verify all AKA’s (Also Known As names) and obviously did not have the applicant’s date of birth before checking court records so they missed both the AKA and the “hidden” criminal conviction.




The job candidate under review had a criminal conviction that was not found by another company using only the name provided on the employment application. Infortal’s investigators reviewed the entire court file to correctly identify the person, we found both the AKA name and the criminal conviction under the second name.


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