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Felony Accessory to Murder (Criminal records accuracy)
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A nationwide company with a large call center wanted to check an employee’s concerns that another employee had been convicted of a serious felony for being an accessory to murder. The company had previously conducted a background check with a different agency, but the agency had reported “no criminal records found”. Infortal was hired to re-check the criminal history.




Infortal’s investigators found a criminal conviction for Accessory to Murder in one county and a misdemeanor conviction in the second county for Drag-Racing. The candidate had driven the getaway car for a murder-robbery and spent his weekends drag-racing.


Infortal’s investigator checked the same court records in two counties and found both felony and misdemeanor convictions for the job candidate. How did that happen?


The first Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) had only checked so-called “Statewide databases” which did not reveal the recent convictions and they did not have the candidate’s date of birth to double-check the information at the courthouse. Infortal had the key personal identifiers for the candidate before going to the court house to review criminal records.


In this case, the person was a violent felon; he was involved in a crime of armed robbery and murder, yet a different company had reported his criminal records completely clear. Imagine being the employer in this case.




The company was able to make a decision on whether to retain an employee that had been convicted of being an accessory to murder.

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