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Fraud and abuse against a minor child
Our Solutions



A major nationwide retail employer was concerned about escalating problems among its employee workforce: performance issues, drug-trafficking at work, and other serious issues indicating co-worker hostility and potential workplace violence. The management of the company asked Infortal to re-check the existing employee backgrounds.


The Solution

Infortal’s checks revealed that 10% of the existing employees had criminal convictions, including felony and misdemeanor convictions that had not been correctly identified by the other agency.

In one case a job applicant indicated that she had no prior criminal convictions on her job application form. The other agency reported that she had no criminal convictions.

Infortal physically conducted a court search finding that the applicant had used the personal identification details of her disabled son and took out multiple bank loans in her child’s name to purchase several vehicles. After serving several months in jail for grand theft, the subject was arrested for battery against the same disabled child.

Further court document examination revealed that the subject refused to attend court-ordered parenting classes; violating her probation and she had been returned to jail.


The Benefits


The client was able to terminate the employee for presenting incorrect information on their application forms. This was one of many cases where the criminal history was serious and warranted termination of employment to prevent potential acts of misconduct or harm against the company and to protect the company’s other employees.

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