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Romantic infatuation or suicidal threat
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A client asked Infortal to conduct a threat risk assessment on a male employee who appeared to have a romantic infatuation with his manager. The employee was leaving his manager love notes and sending her flowers daily for several weeks. He claimed that if the manger would not return his love he would commit suicide. His e-mails and wording were escalating in frequency and intensity over time.




Infortal conducted a threat risk assessment. We determined that although the employee did not make specific threats, his psychological situation was degenerating and his language and intensity were escalating. We assessed the situation as a moderate risk and took appropriate protection measures while the employee was under review.




Infortal’s intervention diffused this workplace situation and prevented things from escalating further. The client was able to retain the manager safely, and provide an option for the employee to relocate to another office and to undergo counseling with a successful outcome in both cases.

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