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Anti-competitive behavior
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The General Manager of a technology company’s international division was regularly not showing up for work 2 to 3 days a week for two years. Our client’s executive team became more and more alarmed about the GM’s unusual behaviour and asked Infortal to investigate the situation.




Infortal recommended surveillance of the executive’s actions on a daily basis for one week to determine he went each day. During surveillance, we determined that the GM was working at another company. In fact he turned out to be the President of the second company, which was our client’s largest rival competitor in that region. He managed a $30 million subsidiary company for our client but owned the competing company with revenues of over $40 million.




Infortal’s investigation detected a major case of anti-competitive behavior, fraud, stealing client information, stelaing confidential customer lists and anti-comepetitive market positioning. All of these actions by a single executive created an act of sabotage against the client company’s business, damaging their customer-base and diminishing their business revenue for that region for many years.

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