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Money-laundering & Corruption
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A Fortune 500 company was acquiring a start-up company based in the USA, and wanted to know more about the key management team as they would be integrated into the parent company post-acquisition. The acquisition deal was worth around $50 million.




Infortal conducted a due diligence investigation on the business and C-level team. Our investigation revealed that the start-up’s business activity was legitimate in the USA; however, some of the managers had red flag issues in the USA that lead to further investigation in their country of origin.


Extending the investigation overseas revealed a complex web of murder, corruption; racketeering, money laundering in the amount of $20 million, and bribery of local officials prior to their arrival in the USA.




This information saved the parent company from a variety of serious issues and liability exposures during and following the acquisition process. Additionally there could have been serious public relations problems for the parent company had this information been revealed to the public after an important acquisition.

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