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Top 5 Things You Should Know About Protecting Investors

Investors play a key role in the success of many businesses. They invest their capital into your business to provide the money necessary to fund your ideas, visions, plans, and products. By doing so, they allow new businesses to start or existing businesses to grow and flourish. At the same time, they are taking on great risk; if your business succeeds, they should get a substantial return on their investment, whereas if it fails […]

The Top 5 Things You Should Know About Supply-Chain Risk Mitigation

Global supply chains are often taken for granted when businesses expand nationally and internationally. Supply-chain vendors are often selected as quickly as possible to keep the movement of goods and supplies or manufacturing capabilities moving rapidly and at a reasonable cost. So, what does a company need to do to mitigate risk in its supply chain?

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Spotlight on FCPA Violations – Q1 2021

Doing business is an increasingly global endeavor, from establishing international locations, sourcing, manufacturing and global supply-chains to mergers and acquisitions of international entities, plus increasing foreign investments. However, these benefits come with a wide range of potential and even substantial risks...

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Due Diligence for Non-Profits

There are times when non-profits fail to live up to their mission statement and stray into unethical or illegal activity such as mismanagement, fraud, or embezzlement. Additionally, non-profit executives may have a history of financial crimes, abuse or sexual harassment, amongst other harmful characteristics...

Infortal Celebrates 35 Years!

We’re so excited to celebrate our 35th anniversary of helping customers succeed in business by protecting them from bad actors. It has been an amazing journey, meeting incredible people along the way. Much of our growth and success over the years has been connected to the wonderful clients, coworkers, and colleagues that we’ve worked with...

Checkmate: 5 Most Overlooked Background Moves

We don’t know exactly when chess was created, but its history can be traced back at least 1500 years. Background checks may be newer than chess, but often involve just as much strategy and are no game. Businesses strive to create win-win situations by hiring teammates that empower them, while avoiding those that could cause harm.

An Interesting Case of Mistaken Identity

Cases of mistaken identity are nothing new. They have existed throughout history and persist to the present day. Some people are mistaken for someone else because they bear an uncanny resemblance to them while others are mistaken by circumstance or through circumstantial evidence. There are also intentional imposters. Advances in modern science and technology such as fingerprint and DNA testing have solved some cases of “presumed” individuals.

Historical Imposters

One such mystery solved with mitochondrial […]

Workplace Violence Prevention

This article is designed as a brief guideline to assist you in creating greater awareness of workplace violence issues. This information will help in preventing workplace violence and provides a brief review for post-employment termination.

We also recommend reviewing Infortal’s article on Workplace Violence: Recognizing 25 Warning Signs.

This article is not intended to be comprehensive and is not a training manual. There are myriad issues involved in workplace-related violence. We strongly recommend that you consult with professional security experts […]

25 Warning Signs of Workplace Violence Risk

This article is designed as a brief guideline to assist you in creating greater awareness of workplace violence issues. This information will help in recognizing some of the warning signs and provides a brief review for post-employment termination. This article is not intended to be comprehensive and is not a training manual.

There are myriad issues involved in workplace-related violence. We strongly recommend that you consult with professional security experts that are capable of performing threat risk assessments any time that […]

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Best Practices in Executive Due Diligence

With so many recent scandals at senior executive levels, often resulting in dismissals and resignations, more companies are becoming proactive in checking the backgrounds of their executive ranks.

The issues range from fraud and embezzlement involving governments, sometimes implicating national and international law firms and auditors, to more than three dozen senior executives accused of sexual misconduct in one year alone (2018).

Egregious examples of recent corporate scandals such as 1MDB involving $4.2bn embezzlement from a state-owned […]

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