Armed protection services are very different than unarmed guards and unarmed private security patrols.

Unarmed security guards can “observe and report” a developing situation and when trained will call 911 if a crime is in progress or an active shooter is observed.  They may in some instances make a citizen’s arrest if they are appropriately trained.

Armed security specialists, however, are typically highly trained, legally carry concealed weapons and can be extremely effective in diffusing potentially violent situations.  They can also intervene further if necessary.

It is essential to work with armed protection specialists who are highly trained and skilled at how to diffuse people that are angry or mentally impaired for a variety of reasons.

Deployment of armed security specialists is extremely important based on specific known conditions at the facility/ work site and based upon the facility layout and information known about the person (subject) who is making threats and identified potential victims (if known).

Every situation is unique and must be assessed individually to create an effective response.

Infortal has provided armed specialist teams for workplace violence threat cases for over 30 years.

For more information see our Guide: 25 Warning Signs of Workplace Violence  and the Guide: Workplace Violence Prevention.

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Armed protection services are often provided for high public profile executives when attending special events, large conferences, and sometimes shareholder meetings where unfavorable topics may need to be discussed, or where disgruntled individuals are expected to attend. Executives often receive threats which must be taken seriously in order to assure the protection of the executive or executive team.

In particular, executives at pharmaceutical companies tend to receive more physical threats, including pipe bomb threats, from animal activists and other groups who may have extremist elements. Executive protection companies that provide these executive protection services typically include retired and off-duty law enforcement officers who have extensive experience in responding to such threats, are licensed to carry concealed weapons and, of particular importance, also have training in how to diffuse threats of violence.  A selection of armed protection service providers is critical to the successful outcome of protecting executives and their families.  The caliber and experience of armed executive protection

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