Protecting Executives When Travelling

Executives and their families are often targets for people making threats, activist groups, survivalists, terrorists and kidnappers both at home and abroad when working or when travelling.

Socio-economic and socio-political areas of conflict can expose your executive team to unusual danger and substantial risk.  In recent times we have been involved in many situations ranging from hostile demonstrations to incidents involving armed conflict, kidnap, armed attacks and violent coups.

Even seemingly peaceful situations when working overseas can change dramatically overnight, placing executives at heightened risk.  Threats vary in scope and can occur at any time.

Low profile executives can be easily recognized and may be surrounded at airports or other public gathering places when they least expect it.  Some executives feel they are relatively anonymous when they are travelling, however, when the company they are involved with has been successful, or news articles and social media posts increase, they may be easily identified as potential targets.

Deployment of armed security specialists is extremely important based on specific known conditions at the facility/ work site and based upon the facility layout and information known about the person (subject) who is making threats and identified potential victims (if known).

Every situation is unique and must be assessed individually to create an effective response.

Infortal provides an assessment of travel exposures, travel plans, and armed or close protection services to executives travelling overseas.

Over the last 30 years we have also experienced numerous situations where executives or their families have been threatened at home.

Executive Vulnerability Assessments are extremely important for high profile executives and for their residences and family homes.  Often executives are not at home when incidents occur and their family members need to respond often without having adequate security systems in place, or protection specialists if a threat is encountered.

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