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In this era of increasing scrutiny of executives and boards of directors, thorough and extensive analysis of executive candidates is a must.

Screening executive hires has become an essential tool to help a company’s corporate governance and protect it’s Board of Directors from unethical and illegal activities.

What we do

Infortal specializes in a Best Practices Executive Due Diligence; we look at the profile of candidates from many angles, learning about a candidate’s reputation and behavioral history, seeking out both embellishment of education and work accomplishments, or falsification of information in addition to their criminal history and civil litigation issues, including SEC violations.

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What is Executive Due Diligence Used For?

Numerous companies in recent times have experienced adverse publicity related to executives involved in personal scandals, corruption, and even easy-to-avoid issues such as not having their claimed credentials including educational degrees.

Additionally, Executives are under increasing pressure to perform successfully in Year 1. Hiring the right person with the skill sets you need is only part of the picture; they need a support structure that enables optimal performance; this is key information for you to know about. Additionally, we are looking for problems, issues, trends and themes in their history, not just the basic facts. People that want to hide their issues will often do so brazenly.

Your business reputation and bottom-line profits may be at serious risk if your executives are not who they say they are, if they over-promise your capabilities to major accounts because they want to achieve quotas, or because they have unethical business practices, or are planted by a competitor.

Taking action after the fact may be too late for your business.

We sometimes hear from clients that they are not worried because the executive has signed a legal document. Unfortunately this does not help if the executive’s activity is exposed by a national media publication. Also how will you know whether there is important undisclosed information? Deliberately hidden issues and unresolved problems that the executive does not want to reveal to you often remain undetected through traditional executive recruiting efforts, where often only a few references are checked for an executive hire.

An executive’s signature on a legal document only protects you after the fact and does not ensure that they are disclosing the truth to you.

Strategy & Alignment

Infortal designs and implements strategically-aligned Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) programs and anti-bribery programs for on-boarding new suppliers globally and for new mergers and acquisitions.

These due diligence reviews help your corporation to hire and retain the best executives and business partners globally. We help your organization develop Best In Class compliance programs, reducing legal exposure for the corporation and helping to protect the board from unnecessary litigation issues, personal liability, and activist shareholder law suits.

We help you to minimize corporate liability exposure and stay out of headline news.

Read more on Executive Due Diligence Investigations best practices.

“Keeping your company out of the headlines”

What do you get?

You will receive thoroughly researched information on your high level candidates through Infortal’s Best Practices Executive Due Diligence Reports.

Deep Level Due Diligence™ Executive Due Diligence searches typically include detailed evaluation of the following information:

  • History of business criminal & civil lawsuits
  • Executive Background Check Due Diligence
  • Undisclosed personal information
  • Involvement in other businesses
  • State/County Criminal Records (all counties of residence)
  • State/County Civil Records (all counties of residence)
  • Federal Criminal Records
  • Federal Civil Records
  • Social Security Number/Address Verification Search
  • Driving History (includes failures to appear in court, bench warrants for arrest, concealed weapons violations, etc).
  • Employment Verification
  • Education & License Verification
  • Credit History with analysis
  • Financial Assets
  • Bankruptcy history
  • Confirm prior business sales (successes/failures)
  • Business Reputation & associated issues
  • Misrepresentations in their background
  • SEC violations
  • Confirmation of Educational degrees
  • Confirmation of Employment history
  • Sales history
  • Client /supplier relationships
  • Civil lawsuit involvement
  • Political influence issues & relationships
  • Employment issues (sexual harassment, other work-related concerns)
  • Lifestyle issues (Restraining Orders, Sexual predator/pedophile issues)
  • Ties to organized crime
  • Known family connections to various groups (org crime, politicians, activist groups)
  • Department of Corporations Search
  • Suits, Liens, Judgments & Bankruptcies (by State)
  • Financial Assets Search
  • SEC Filings
  • UCC Filings
  • Real Estate Search
  • Internet Search (basic search for other corporate involvement)
  • Media Search (including deep internet searches)
  • Summary of all Identified Business/Corporate Officer Involvement
  • Extensive Reference Interviews (in-depth, customized interviews)
  • FCPA GlobalWatch 1,100+ databases AML & KYC

A detailed report is provided with Executive Summary, conclusions, recommendations and complete attachments. Updates are provided beginning on the fourth business day. Two levels of Executive Due Diligence are available, depending on the number of components searched.

Multiple Key Executive checks may be priced at a discounted rate depending on the number of executives included, and whether international components are involved.

Please contact us for more information and pricing.

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