Business Intelligence

Ensuring Success

The #1 Strategy To Boost The Success Of Your Business

The #1 thing that will determine whether or not you have a successful business is your ability to make the right decisions.

But to make good decisions, you need timely, accurate information that enables you to choose the best strategy FAST.

And that means having the best possible business intelligence before you enter a new market or business opportunity.

Whether that means you need to gather information on your competition, determine how your products or brand are being perceived in the marketplace, or uncover any adverse conditions surrounding a future deal, the most effective way to advance your business is to control any potential business risks ahead of time.

Your risks will vary depending on the local market your business is in, so it makes sense to have ongoing monitoring by Infortal of any risks to your business operations in that region.  Maybe you want to be the first to market in a country like Iran and you're waiting to know exactly when you’ll be able to enter.  Or you’re worried about a war in China affecting your supply chain, so you use Infortal’s ongoing geopolitical risk assessments to keep tabs on the likelihood and possibility of that to occur.

You might also want to make sure none of the products you are making overseas are counterfeit, or that counterfeit parts are being used in your manufacturing or supply chains.  Infortal can evaluate any counterfeit risk with your suppliers by doing due diligence investigations as well as product testings and site inspections.  We can also help you find alternative suppliers should such an unfortunate scenario arise.

Similarly, we can determine if there are any conflicts of interest with the executive members of your board or on a new company you are about to acquire.  The last thing you want to discover after the deal goes through is that the CEO of your new company owns majority shares in your biggest competitor.

Much like the kind of intelligence entire countries have at their disposal, Infortal’s business intelligence offers one of the best and most reliable ways to advance your business as fast as possible.  In concert with intelligence analysis, our OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) techniques draw from the national security arena to offer you cutting-edge and timely information.  But our business intelligence is far more in depth and sophisticated than any country or regulatory/political affairs person can provide.

With boots on the ground intelligence, as well as verified and triangulated analysis, Infortal will not only map out any potential business risks you could face, but also provide you with a roadmap to successfully address them as quickly and effectively as possible.

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