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Deep Dive Due Diligence

Country-specific Due Diligence | Local Investigators

Deep dive due diligence is often referred to as enhanced due diligence or “boots on the ground” where local investigators in a specific country supplement Level 3 due diligence investigations by providing site visits, in-country language, customs and regulatory knowledge, and in some cases greater knowledge of criminal factions and organized crime.

These types of investigations are more effective when using local investigators rather than using ex-pat investigators or sending teams from the USA to a country. Just knowing how to speak the local language does not mean that you will obtain better results, as years of local knowledge, customs, business practices, local history, news, and regulatory actions cannot easily be learned by ex-pats or visiting investigators.

Infortal works with over 800 local investigators in our global network of affiliates to achieve optimal results, quickly and efficiently.

Infortal provides a comprehensive set of all facts found plus security-based investigative recommendations. Actionable Recommendations™ enable your compliance teams and executives to better understand the results of an investigations and to identify additional information that may be needed for effective risk management.

OSINT and Social Media Investigations

Open source intelligence investigations often yield hidden and undisclosed information that may be critical to a deal or in regulatory compliance investigations such as those required for third party management under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Infortal specializes in these investigations to spotlight issues and concerns that cannot be found through data aggregated sources alone. Our highly trained investigators can identify critical intelligence on both companies and executives in developing countries and high risk markets, where corruption is an every day occurrence and there may be limited public data available.

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What are enhanced due diligence requirements?

Deep dive due diligence involves detailed investigative review of all available public records to begin with. This may include reviews of county level criminal records, county civil records, federal criminal and federal civil records, national criminal records, employment history verification, educational verification, credit history (where FCRA release forms are signed), suits liens judgments and bankruptcy records, department of corporations searches, UCC filings, adverse keywords/ negative keyword searches, and in some cases reference interviews. Additionally we recommend deep web searches using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques which yield the majority of hidden and undisclosed information. For more information on deep dive due diligence contact us.

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