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How To Know Exactly When To Enter A Brand New Market

If you had been receiving regular business intelligence from Infortal in advance of the Abraham Accords in 2020, you could have potentially made millions being first in a brand new trade market.

That’s because the Accords, which normalized relations and trade between Israel, UAE and Bahrain, created massive new business opportunities, particularly in the aviation, energy, technology, health, and medical device industries.

Whether or not you missed out on this Market Opportunity, depended on the level of accurate business intelligence that you received well beforehand.

Determining if a product or market is viable depends on a lot more than simply looking at demographic data.

Market research, focus groups, and political data that fluctuates with customer sentiment are all necessary to avoid major Market Risk mistakes like the one Starbucks made when they ventured into the Middle East and lost millions.

You not only need to know how people perceive your brand but also what your competitors are doing in the markets you are in and whether or not your product or service is even in demand in the first place.  How are your competitors handling the same challenges you are?  Where are they investing and how are they marketing their products?

Infortal conducts due diligence on your competition with SWOT analysis, organizational biographies, and more to show you exactly what your competitors are doing and how you can adjust your strategies to gain an edge on the competition. 

When you’re entering a foreign market, Infortal’s brand intelligence can tell you any market risks associated with that region, as well as how your competitors may come at you in ways that are completely different than what would occur in the United States.  Infortal’s local knowledge lets you know how the competition works in the new market, as well as how you will be perceived.

Along with potential market risks, our OSINT and market intelligence also gives you information on the best potential opportunities for your business.  Infortal’s boots on the ground sources  gauge local customer attitudes, assess unfolding trade conditions and regulations, and uncover hidden opportunities for increasing your market share and profitability.

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