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“I highly recommend the GPR training program. The presenters demonstrated exceptional knowledge and provided valuable insights, enhancing my understanding of complex geopolitical issues. Their in-depth exploration of historical contexts added immense value, making the learning experience both comprehensive and enlightening.””

– Sebastian De La Puente, Shearman & Sterling LLP

“Our company believes in strong, long-term relationships and selected Infortal Worldwide after careful deliberation. Infortal has earned our trust in spades predicated upon their excellent and timely due diligence work product. For all of our hiring requirements, Infortal Worldwide is our partner of choice, and has been for several years.”

– L. Bader, Head of Talent Acquisition and Planning; Financial Institution

“Considering the investment of time and resources, reliable investigations are more important to our business than ever before. That is why we have made Infortal a key member of our team. Infortal’s advanced business due diligence investigations, protection & pre-employment screening services operated as a front line defense for our enterprise. Just as with our software, threat management protection on the Internet, Infortal provides a protective bridge between the needs of our company and the realities of today. Infortal provides the invaluable service that cannot be accomplished in-house through the interview process alone, because in today’s world not every job candidate is who you think they are, even at the Executive level. Infortal ensures quality hires, on-time delivery & integrity in every step of the process. I would highly recommend making Infortal a member of your team yesterday, today may be too late.”

– P. Vagadori, Vice President, Human Resources

“In today’s increasingly complex business environment, business and human resources leaders often underestimate the proactive value of in-depth, high quality and comprehensive security and investigative services and unfortunately, the value is frequently recognized after something has gone terribly wrong. Infortal’s services were invaluable during a potentially devastating workplace violence situation and the guidance, expertise, partnership and prevention services provided by Candice and Infortal during this highly stressful situation earned the firm a lifelong customer. Although Candice is indispensable during any stage of an issue or process, I highly recommend engaging with her firm on a proactive basis to significantly reduce exposure and minimize risk. Each time I compare the quality, quantity and costs of services and expertise provided by Infortal Worldwide against other firms, I consistently find that Infortal is the firm of choice.”

– S. Hewitt, HR Director; Technology Company

“When your own professional reputation is on the line and the safety and security of your Company is at risk, having Candice and Infortal on your side of the table assures a successful outcome. Not only do Candice and her staff understand the intricacies of security-related issues and interdiction strategies, they are able to execute decisively with superior professionalism. With Candice aboard, communicating the situation and recommended resolution effectively to C-level management has proven exceptionally valuable to me. I highly recommend Infortal to be your one-stop shop for expert risk management consulting.”

– D. Martin, Director Security; Technology Company

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CLE Accredited Courses

Infortal’s Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses are designed to equip executives, attorneys and risk managers with strategic insights to navigate the complex landscape of geopolitical risk. We cover topics such as international sanctions, regulatory risks, corporate espionage, AML, global warfare, anti-terrorist financing and corruption.

We can help you make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks for your business.
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