Board Advisory Service

New Board Member Backgrounds

Infortal recommends conducting a modified due diligence background on new board members plus continuous monitoring annually for exiting board members.  At a time when senior executives, board members, and even board Chairmen are coming under intense public scrutiny it is prudent to know if there are key issues  which may surface causing lasting reputational damage to the company.

Fortune 100 to Fortune 1000 companies, including large retail, banks and high tech companies trust Infortal to make sure their risks are identified even at board levels.  Why risk unnecessary board level issues or financial and fiduciary exposures?

Why does my business need due diligence advisory services?
What Do Board Advisory Services Include?
Your business needs due diligence advisory services to help protect the profitability of the business and to reduce and mitigate risks. If you do not identify potential risks then you cannot mitigate the risk basis. Risks can be caused by the executive team or the business itself. There have been numerous corporate scandals in recent years, including risks created by senior executives, that could have been avoided or mitigated saving the company millions of dollars in market losses, scandals, and regulatory fines and penalties. Additionally, thorough or deep dive due diligence will provide extra protections for the company, acquiror, or investor’s board of directors.
Board advisory services include business due diligence on M&A deals, for regulatory compliance purposes such as compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the Committee on foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).
Other types of board advisory services may include executive travel protection, armed protection for executives and their families, TSCM sweeps of executive meeting rooms, and security for executive homes.

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