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Protecting Executives When Travelling

Executives and other company leaders who travel to across the US or internationally often leave themselves open to threats. They may find themselves the target of a kidnapping plot or have their possessions stolen. Their hotel rooms may be broken into and their laptops, smartphones, and other devices taken in an attempt to steal company information. If they are traveling with family members, they could be targets, too.

Because of these risks, any time a high-level executive travels, they need to do so with protection. This may be an armed security guard who has a concealed carry license, an unarmed close protection guard, or even someone visibly armed with an automatic weapon. The type of protection needed depends on where the executive is traveling, but the idea is the same: the executive and everyone traveling with them needs to be protected from kidnapping, threats, theft, and other risks. A failure to do so can do more than result in stolen company information; it can result in people dying.

Deployment of armed security specialists is extremely important based on specific known conditions at the facility/ work site and based upon the facility layout and information known about the person (subject) who is making threats and identified potential victims (if known).

Every situation is unique and must be assessed individually to create an effective response.

Infortal provides an assessment of travel exposures, travel plans, and armed or close protection services to executives travelling overseas.

What are Executive Travel Protection Services

Executive travel protection services, on the surface, are similar to bodyguards. These experts travel with executives through areas of socio-economic and socio-political areas of conflict where they may be at risk of being attacked, mugged, or kidnapped. These attacks may be motivated by corporate espionage from competitors, but the executive may also be targeted simply because they appear to have money or items of value. Some attacks are carried out by cartels, terrorist groups, activist groups, and other organizations, while others are done by lone thieves or blackmailers looking to make money. Regardless of the motivation, executives and their travel companions need to be protected.

While businesses will certainly want to protect their executives, there are others who may need protection, too. Any high-net-worth individual who travels abroad may need protection. Public figures may also benefit from executive travel protection services, especially those that have controversial political stances and have made enemies. Anyone who can be easily recognized may be at risk when traveling abroad and should consider security.


Is Executive Protection Truly Necessary?

Many people wonder just how much of a threat is out there for executives and other high-profile individuals. You may have not heard of executives being threatened or held hostage in the media recently, and even when you do find information about such events, it seems to be outdated or from high-risk areas your executives won’t be traveling to. Is it really worth hiring travel protection for a short trip?

The answer is always yes. You may not find many mentions of executives being threatened or attacked in other countries, but that’s because most companies keep this information confidential. Just because the media doesn’t report on these attacks does not mean they aren’t happening. In most cases, companies don’t want the information released. If your business partners and clients learned that your executives were attacked, it will affect your company’s overall reputation. This is especially true if you’re in any industry related to security or travel. Even if you’re not, the attack will reflect poorly on your company.

Partners and clients may begin to wonder how you will protect them if you can’t protect your own company leaders. Even if your clients don’t expect you to physically protect them, they may question how dedicated you are to protecting their data or property. They may interpret the lack of protection for executives as a lack of caring about individuals. Knowing that your executives travel alone without protection can also make thieves, kidnappers, and others see them as targets. That can put their lives in danger.

Infortal provides an assessment of travel exposures, travel plans, and armed or close protection services to executives travelling overseas.

Attacks Affect Company Morale

Your other C-suite executives and company leaders may hesitate to travel if others have been attacked. If that travel is required and you don’t move to provide protection for them, they may seek job offers elsewhere. This is especially true if they often travel with their spouse or children. No one is going to want to put their family at risk, and they will begin reaching out to companies that provide protection.

What Does Executive Protection Involve?

When you hire Infortal Executive Protection (EP) for travel, you can rest assured that your executives and other individuals are protected. We deploy professional, trained experts to protect your executives and anyone else they are traveling with. Our team is made up of professionally trained specialists who have all of the appropriate concealed carry licenses (CCW) and equipment such as bulletproof vests. They all have extensive training in law enforcement or security, and they are trained to respond to threats quickly and effectively. We handpick all of our specialists, and we look for people who have over ten years of experience.

Here is what a typical executive travel protection plan will involve. Do keep in mind that because every itinerary and situation is different, you may need a slightly different plan. We customize our protection plans for each client because we fully understand that there is no one-size-fits-all plan for security.

  • Risk assessment of the itinerary and trip as a whole – We look at where the executive is going, what risks are involved, what the political climate is at the destination, and other factors that could put people in harm’s way. We may suggested changes based on our analysis.
  • We continue monitoring the location during travel and let the individual and their protection team know if anything changes. This includes changes in the political climate, protests, strikes, and even severe weather and natural disasters.
  • Our armed or unarmed security experts will travel with the individuals and remain with them throughout the trip.
  • All vehicles and drivers will be vetted prior to the individuals getting into them. Hotel rooms will also be checked. All lodging and transportation will be arranged through trustworthy companies.
  • Individuals and their traveling companions will be briefed on emergency plans and will know what to do in the event of an emergency.

Infortal provides an assessment of travel exposures, travel plans, and armed or close protection services to executives travelling overseas.

When Are Executive Travel Protection Services Necessary?

Any time a high-net-worth or high-profile individual is traveling, protection should be provided. Many people assume this type of protection only needs to be employed when traveling abroad or when traveling to areas where cartels, gangs, and robbery are common. However, that’s not the case. Attacks can and frequently do occur when traveling even in the United States. Again, many of these attacks are kept from the media by the companies involved so as to not tarnish their reputation. They can occur in large cities, small suburbs, and in rural areas.

Protecting your executives and their families should always be a priority, and protection services should be used whenever there’s a risk to their safety.

Who Can Benefit from Executive Protection?

Anyone who is a high-profile individual or an executive with a high net worth can benefit from travel protection. The companies or organizations they work for also benefit from protecting them. The individual’s families or other travel companions also benefit from these services. While not all high-profile individuals or executives are going to be targets, anyone with a high net worth can be. Even those with a lower net worth may be targeted in certain parts of the world. If you have any questions about whether or not protection services are warranted, call Infortal for a consultation.

Kidnappers, muggers, terrorist organizations, and others typically do not discriminate about who they attack. Men and women, young people and older individuals, single people and those with families…anyone can be a target. Never assume that a larger man who regularly works out is safe traveling alone. While he may be able to fight off a single attacker, he may be overcome by multiple assailants or those with weapons. Several people traveling together can also be attacked and injured if they don’t have trained security with them. Never assume someone is safe or won’t be considered a target.


When to call us:

  • Executives have received any type of threats, including bomb threats.
  • Executives are traveling internationally
  • Family members need security when their spouse is traveling
  • Executive purchases a new residence ad needs a security assessment


Why Work with Infortal?

As mentioned earlier, Infortal’s security team is carefully chosen for their experience, training, and skills. Our executive protection specialists have years of experience in police work or security, and they specialize in diffusing threats of violence and protecting others. These experts are also trained in how to deescalate situations to avoid harm to everyone involved. Our team has the correct licenses to carry weapons in countries that allow armed security and is trained in hand-to-hand combat in countries that do not allow weapons.

In addition to our trained security, Infortal also gathers information on the political climate of the destination and any areas the individual will travel through to reach their destination. We vet hotels, drivers, and others who will provide services to our clients. We prepare emergency disaster plans and ensure the individual, their traveling companions, and our team remain updated on changes in the country as they occur.

Infortal provides an assessment of travel exposures, travel plans, and armed or close protection services to executives travelling overseas.


What type of security is needed where we’re traveling to?

This depends on the country, of course, and what the current situation in that country is. Some countries such as Mexico have a history of drug cartel kidnappings. Others, such as Latin America and Russia often have unsavory individuals and organizations who will take advantage of lone travelers. We will consider the reason for the travel, the location within the country, the individuals traveling, and their itinerary when determining the right type of protection.

What about traveling for personal reasons?

While executive travel protection is often done for business purposes, high-worth or high-profile individuals may also want to hire protection when traveling for personal reasons. Infortal can provide protection for both.

What about families?

If you’re traveling with your family, we can also extend protection to them. It’s not unusual for spouses or children to be targeted for kidnapping to put pressure on the high-profile individual. One mistake people often make is failing to provide enough security to protect all members of the traveling party, but Infortal makes certain everyone is safe. We can also provide protection for family members who remain at home in case someone tries to take advantage of them.

What about traveling to multiple locations?

We assess every stop on the itinerary for risks, regardless of what country it is. This includes layovers at airports and countries the individual will pass through while on the train. Security is provided for every step of the way.

Do we need Kidnap & Ransom (K&R) insurance?

We always recommend companies and individuals have this specific insurance in the event of a kidnapping or ransom situation. Having this insurance adds another layer of protection in the event an individual is kidnapped.

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