Cindy Boshek

Director of Administration

Cindy Boshek is an accomplished Director of Administration with an impressive 26-year tenure at Infortal. Throughout her career, she has excelled in various roles and demonstrated exceptional expertise in her field. 

She serves as the primary account manager for Infortal’s key clients, overseeing the coordination of background checks and ensuring seamless operations within the company.   As Director of the background checks division, Cindy’s responsibilities encompass a range of vital functions. 

Cindy’s extensive knowledge and experience enable her to leverage Infortal’s Prescreen SaaS platform to train background check clients on the value and often complex results of thorough background checks.  She also coaches clients on the use of our powerful SaaS platform. Her expertise ranges from domestic background checks to international and executive level background checks, which she adeptly communicates to clients. Her exceptional project management and organizational skills guarantee the successful completion of special projects, optimizing workflow and ensuring efficiency.

In addition to her technical capabilities, Cindy excels in collaboration and leadership. She seamlessly collaborates with cross-functional teams, executives, and stakeholders, including the accounting department and human resources, playing a key role in operations and achieving organizational goals. As Infortal’s head of Human Resources, combined with her exceptional leadership qualities allow her to motivate and manage teams effectively, resolve issues, and drive positive change throughout the organization.

Cindy’s work showcases her unwavering commitment to excellence. Her ability to lead the background division, manage large client accounts, train clients, and ensure the smooth functioning of operations makes her an invaluable asset to Infortal and our clients. With her strong project management skills, top-tier organizational abilities, and exceptional leadership qualities, Cindy consistently delivers outstanding results as Infortal’s Director of Administration.

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