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Global Risk Intelligence

Does Your Risk Management Program Cover Global Risk?
If not you may have serious risk exposure hiding just under the surface.

The Impact and Importance of Global Risk.

Global risk is one of the most important risk considerations for companies today. Risk creates opportunity, and intelligence makes opportunities a reality. 

As the Department of Justice recently confirmed that “companies are on the front line in responding to geopolitical risks.” 

International events around the world move at a lightning pace, making it hard for companies to keep up with changes, and companies of all sizes are struggling to adapt. 

As Chris Mason and Dr. Ian Oxnevad recently explained at Bloomberg:

"Effective risk management strategy must account for new regulatory pressures and a shifting geopolitical landscape. This centers on knowing where a company may be vulnerable to risk exposure wherever there is a breakdown in international relations."

The Key to Managing Global Risk is Gaining Targeted Risk Intelligence.

Managing global risk requires access to the right intelligence.

Infortal Worldwide provides discreet, white glove intelligence collection and advisory services to protect your firm from risk and thrive in global markets.


  • Global Risk Intelligence
  • Customized Threat Risk Analysis
  • Risk Advisory
  • Global Investigations in 160 countries
  • Rapid Threat Response
  • Reputation Management
  • In-Country Specific Analysis
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Daily/Monthly/Quarterly Updates
  • Deep, Dark & Historical Web Searches (OSINT)
  • Actionable Recommendations™

Do You Have Access to Global Risk Intelligence?

Managing risk on a global scale requires targeted, actionable intelligence. Without the right intelligence your company may be blind to major international and local risk events. Infortal’s Global Risk Intelligence collection and analysis services hone in on the key information you need to protect your company from harm and excel in international markets. 

For example, over 50% of the world is set to vote in national elections this year. The impact to global affairs, regulation, and even personnel safety can be drastically impacted by shifting political tides. To prepare, you need to stay informed about your specific risk exposure to make informed decisions about how to mitigate risks to your bottom line.

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Depending on your industry, you may experience the direct impact of war on your supply chain. We’ve seen major increases to shipping and insurance costs in certain regions already. Understanding where the next hot spot is can allow you to better prepare and save on supply chain costs in the near to long term.

Conflict can also bring on heighted market risks as currencies and markets become less stable. The right intelligence can allow you to hedge your risks and manage through the turbulence.

Companies cannot operate without ensuring the safety and well being of their employees. As global conflict drives up the potential for violence and social unrest closer to home, it will be important to ensure that your company’s Resiliency and Business Continuity Plans also include global risk analysis.

Your investment and operations strategies need intelligence to thrive. Infortal offers clients a worldwide network of boots-on-the-ground open-source intelligence (OSINT) assets in over 160 countries.

Our reach is farther and faster than the intelligence services of many countries and offers you the insight and strategy needed to overcome today’s global risks.

Case Study #1

Global Risk Intel Case Study One

Scenario: A growing telecom provider seeking to expand their operations in Central America contacted Infortal to vet potential local partners. We examined the region from a bribery and corruption standpoint to assess viable logistics solutions and new partners. 

Solution: Based on our research, the client was able to avoid doing business with a potentially corrupt third party. Without our intelligence the telecom company would have taken on the risk of significant reputational damage.  

Our Global Risk investigations can help your team avoid FCPA pitfalls, allowing you to benefit from the upside of doing business in high-risk areas.

Case Study #2

electric motor components

Scenario: A client in the E-Battery manufacturing space was seeking to expand operations in SE Asia. This required taking on a new partner and giving up equity in her company.

The owner found an investor based in the Eastern hemisphere with a business presence spanning the globe. Before moving forward, the company owner reached out to Infortal to gain a true understanding of the future partner’s business practices. 

This required locally sourced intelligence and cultural understanding to shine a light on how the investor operated in past situations. 

Solution: We were able to unravel the web of companies tied to the investor and establish a breakdown of his business practices, including a lengthy litigation history regarding contracts. 

Based on the information we uncovered, the owner’s legal team was able to structure the deal in a way to better protect her stake in the company and avoid any future contract disputes.

Infortal’s Global Risk Intelligence will empower your legal team to improve your negotiation position and better protect your long term investment prospects.

Case Study #3

Group of people working out business plan in an office

Scenario: A leading financial institution seeking to invest in Europe asked for assistance unpacking the local business customs and norms surrounding partnerships and perceptions of reputational risk before deciding to make an investment.

This included examining the political implications of the company's previous role in a political campaign.

Solution: Based on our political risk investigation, we were able to clearly map out the potential reputational implications of doing business with the politically exposed company and executives allowing the financial institution to make an informed investment decision.

Infortal’s political risk intelligence removes the guesswork from managing risk at the intersection of business and politics in international jurisdictions. 


Clients benefit from Infortal’s intelligence capabilities tailored to your needs and aligned to your international growth objectives.

  • Mission-critical global risk intelligence
  • Top-notch research capabilities and analysis
  • Results with Integrity tailored to your goals
  • Regulatory compliance guided results
  • An extension of your risk analysis capabilities, globally
  • Discreet, white glove service

How Does Global Risk Intelligence Propel Companies Forward?

According to business leaders, today’s geopolitical risks are the most severe they have been since WWII. 

The International Monetary Fund explained that geopolitical fragmentation and conflict are “serious financial stability threats.” Global risk comes in various forms and includes threats from corporate espionage, crime, and corruption to supply chain disruption from war and government appropriation. 

Intelligence is the key to maintaining resiliency in the face of risk. The right intel will provide your firm with the foresight to anticipate and respond to emerging threats, avoiding chaos and loss. In fact, the right intelligence can uncover new opportunities and unlock a larger market share. Do you need any of these services now…

Global Risk Intelligence Services:

  • Developing risk playbook
  • AI Audit
  • M&A Transactional Due Diligence
  • Enhanced Executive Due Diligence
  • Int’l Corporate Culture Assessments
  • Int’l Corporate Culture Training
  • Country Risk Advisory (specialized risk briefs)
  • Litigation Support – International Research
  • Establish Data governance and privacy frameworks
  • Embedded Risk Teams
  • Risk Audit
  • Compliance Staffing + Training
  • Reputation Management
  • Third-Party Compliance Screening
  • Compliance Training (sanctions, 3rd parties, ethics & governance, etc)
  • Gain Actionable Recommendations for situational awareness
Global investigations

Global Investigations are critical to managing Global Risk.

When conducting business overseas you need to make sure that you conduct deep due diligence investigations. In certain situations,  only global due diligence investigations will allow you to understand current or emerging risk scenarios. 

This can become complicated in new markets where local customs and norms differ widely, and requires expertise in how to conduct investigations in global markets.

As a licensed investigations firm, Infortal Worldwide is well-versed in both cutting-edge investigative techniques and how to conduct investigations overseas in over 160 countries. Our global investigations cover:
Infortal Global Investigations

Global Risk Advisory

Does your firm need expert advice on how to manage Global Risk?

Infortal Worldwide’s Global Risk Advisory team focuses on establishing a tailored approach to your company’s risk profile and management needs. With over 39 years of providing risk based solutions, Infortal has deep experience in managing risk across borders in over 160 countries. 

In the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), political turmoil, and rapid social and technological change, your company’s strategy must account for global risk exposure. Your long term resiliency depends on it. 

Contact Infortal today to discuss how we can help protect your firm from harm by taking a proactive approach to managing global risk.

How Infortal can help you implement an effective Global Risk Intelligence program

Avoiding global risk and deploying intelligence to mitigate crisis begins with conducting an audit of your risk exposure to various risks across your supply chain.  Our audits include analyzing the entirety of your company’s exposure to political risks, from securing capital and suppliers to assessing your customers.  

Infortal’s audits leverage both our international reach and expertise from the worlds of investment banking, intelligence, academia, and law enforcement to help implement these solutions to meet your needs.

What does a Global Risk Audit include?

  • An examination of supply chain exposures
  • Direct and indirect impact of global events
  • Direct and indirect impact of conflict, war, and terrorism
  • Social Unrest based on global events
  • Sanctions risk
  • AML /KYC risk
  • Money laundering, corruption & bribery
  • Culture based risks
  • Regulatory risk based on global events

After completing an audit, we provide Actionable Recommendations™ your team can take to manage risks.

We can also provide training and/or assistance in implementing a new global risk management strategy.

How Infortal can help manage risk related to international projects or implementing new strategies

We take a risk-based approach to breaking down each unique scenario into categories of risk that can be independently or collectively managed. This feeds directly into your overall risk management strategy and can include ongoing monitoring or consultation for the duration of your project.

Country Risk Assessments

Are you prepared to deal with cartels in Mexico or threats to your intellectual property in China

Monitoring Corruption

What happens if you intend to do business with a company in a country like China, only to find out after the fact that bribery is simply the standard cost of conducting business?

Avoiding Criminal Charges

Did you know that your foreign investments as a company could lead you to commit an actual crime inadvertently?

Sanctions Violations

It’s one thing to familiarize yourself with major international business sanctions such as sanctions against Russia’s energy imports…

Avoiding Damage To Your Reputation

What do you do when your business is struck by a public relations crisis that’s entirely NOT your fault?

Get Ahead of ESG Risks

Whether it’s severe flooding in Thailand that disrupts your technology supply chain network…

Preventing Disruptions From Social Unrest

If your company was located in the Middle East in 2010 or 2011, you most likely had no idea the Arab Spring revolutions were coming.

Terrorist Attacks

It seems unlikely you could ever predict the next terrorist attack unless you have all the resources of the CIA at your disposal.

Going Into Business With A State Owned Enterprise (SOE)

How do you know if doing business with a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) like China (with its global holding companies) is really safe?

How can war impact your business?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the perfect, tragic example of what can happen to businesses if you don’t see a war coming long before it actually arrives.

Our team is available to assist

CLE Accredited Courses

Infortal’s Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses are designed to equip executives, attorneys and risk managers with strategic insights to navigate the complex landscape of geopolitical risk. We cover topics such as international sanctions, regulatory risks, corporate espionage, AML, global warfare, anti-terrorist financing and corruption.

We can help you make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks for your business.
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