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Business Risk Management

Infortal provides clients with a broad spectrum of business risk management and due diligence services that enhance risk assessment and optimize strategic business decisions globally, with emphasis in high-risk and emerging markets.

Best In Class Investigations

Infortal’s 36 years of investigative and due diligence experience are combined to create a best practices approach, yielding top notch results and comprehensive background reports with Actionable Recommendations(tm) under attorney client privilege.

Infortal’s Business Risk Management solutions provide intelligence and insight in support of Mergers & Acquisitions, global business partnerships, deep screening of executives and new board members.

Infortal also specializes in conducting Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA / UKBA) due diligence screening of 3rd Party Vendor Supply Chains, compliance investigations and business risk investigations globally to protect your company’s fiduciary duty and Board of Directors.

Infortal offers business risk management services that enable investors and companies interested in mergers and acquisitions to make better-informed risk management decisions.  Risk management consultants conduct business risk investigations, which are a type of due diligence investigation focused on the business entity itself.

This may include the basics such as beneficial ownership records, whether the business is trading in good standing and paying taxes, names of key executives, whether the company appears on any of the global sanctions watchlists (including PEP, OFAC, SDN, or anti-terrorist funding and AML/KYC watchlists.

These reports are prepared by risk management consultants who are typically experienced, licensed private investigators. Risk management services often include legal and financial due diligence but should also include careful risk management to evaluate risks posed by the company’s executives.

Business Risk Management Services

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