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Geopolitical Risk Management Checklist

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Tensions are rising across the globe that can threaten your business, and it is important to understand your company’s exposure to global risks. This checklist covers the key areas to consider in preparation for the emerging 2024 global risk landscape.

1. Establish a Baseline Risk Assessment of Your Company or Investment Opportunity

The first step in managing geopolitical risk is understanding where your company stands today in relation to a wide range of geopolitical risks. This can vary widely depending on the size of your company and the industries involved.

Infortal Worldwide can partner with your company to conduct an assessment that will clearly map out your firm’s risk profile.

Best Practice: It is best practice to conduct an annual assessment to ensure that your company risk profile is up to date.

2. Establish a Risk Management Framework for Your Company

After assessing your company’s risk profile, the next step is establishing an ongoing risk management framework that allows your firm to prepare for and mitigate emerging geopolitical risks. Ideally, this will be built into your current compliance program through the development and implementation of a new set of policies and procedures.

Key Risk Areas to Consider:

  1. Ongoing or New Global Conflicts
  2. Sanctions and FCPA Compliance
  3. Terrorism and Social Unrest
  4. ESG Risks
  5. Cybersecurity Risks
  6. Supply Chain Risks
  7. International Elections Impact
  8. Know Your Customer (KYC) Risks
  9. Inflation and Currency Risks
  10. Economic Espionage Risks

Infortal Worldwide can partner with your team to develop and implement new policies and procedures that will place your firm in a stronger position to succeed.

3. Establish a Geopolitical Risk Training Program

It is important to ensure that your team understands the risk profile of your company, the geopolitical risks that are out there, and how to identify emerging threats.

Infortal Worldwide offers a library of 12 online courses covering geopolitical risk topics, including a new Global Risk Certification program. We can also develop and deliver customized training for your team on geopolitical risk management. This can be in-person or web-based.


4. Enhanced Due Diligence for Key Decision Making

Conducting the right level of due diligence leading up to strategic decision-making, including key investment decisions, is fundamental to succeeding in today’s global marketplace. It is important to ensure that your due diligence process includes assessing geopolitical risk factors that can impact your company or investment decision.

Infortal Worldwide has experience in conducting due diligence around the globe to support private equity investment, international M&A deals, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance, and third-party screening.

Infortal Worldwide employs a boots-on-the-ground approach to collecting intelligence and has access to a global network of professionals in 160+ countries.


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