Truth or Dare? 

What are you willing to risk in conducting executive background checks?

As many know, truth or dare is a popular social game, especially among children and adolescents. Two or more players are given the choice to either answer another player’s question truthfully, or perform a “dare,” chosen by their opponent.

Neither the question, nor the dare, is known in advance, and switching from one to another afterwards is not allowed. Players must answer the question or […]

Spotlight on FCPA Violations

Doing business globally can increase the risk of FCPA violations

Doing business globally is increasingly complex, from establishing international locations, establishing and maintaining intricate sourcing, supply-chain and manufacturing processes, exploring mergers and acquisitions of international entities, and making foreign investments. While these efforts have many advantages such as improved opportunities for diversity and collaboration, lowering costs, and greater opportunity for innovation, there is also the potential to significantly increase business risks.

As a result of these […]

International Due Diligence Investigations Episode 5 – Global Investigations and Innovation


We have considered aspects of international due diligence investigations. In many ways this can be viewed as finding a needle in the corporate haystack of information and data. Candice Tal helps us through the maelstrom to find useful and actionable information for your compliance program. In this concluding Part V, we consider how the changing nature of international anti-corruption compliance programs, through data privacy laws such […]

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