Riskology by Infortal Episode 23: Boeing – The Hidden Costs of Bad Corporate Culture

Tune in for the latest episode of Riskology by Infortal™, where hosts Dr. Ian Oxnevad and Chris Mason delve into how a breakdown in corporate culture led to the recent Boeing compliance failures.

Building a corporate culture isn’t just about buzzwords; it’s about empowering your front-line defense against risk. Ignoring the health of your corporate culture can quickly result in a crisis.

Using Boeing’s situation as a case study, lessons will be drawn on the need for a balanced corporate strategy that maintains a commitment to quality, compliance, and efficiency.

The Riskology hosts explore how sacrificing company culture for efficiency and profit can lead to catastrophic results for a company. In some cases, entire markets may feel the impact.

Maintaining a strong connection between senior leadership and front line operations is extremely important to maintaining company culture, especially in high-stakes industries like aviation. This also requires open communication and whistleblower protection to ensure that communication flows up and risks are dealt with early.

Join us for Episode 23 of Riskology by Infortal™: Boeing – The Hidden Costs of Bad Corporate Culture.


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