Riskology by Infortal Episode 22: China Escape Plan: De-Risking Explained 

Welcome to another episode of Riskology by Infortal™!

In this episode, your hosts, Dr. Ian Oxnevad and Christopher Mason, discuss “de-risking” from China. They unveil the cascading effects of China’s economic slowdown on the global economy and supply chain integrity, a situation that demands scrutiny by American companies.

Understanding the underpinnings of China’s economic conditions is paramount to assessing your risk exposure. As China wrestles with economic deceleration, corporations face expanding risks, including new threats to supply chain stability. This impacts key industries and manufacturers in the US, including the tech sector and healthcare suppliers.

Navigating this risk landscape calls for robust resilience measures coupled with an enhanced understanding of the global risk landscape. As history reminds us, economic entanglement may not provide a safe harbor from geopolitical unrest.

In response to these complex geopolitical tensions, corporations increasingly seek new strategies to mitigate risks and ensure company resiliency. This includes diverse approaches, from strategic realignment exemplified by Apple’s shift of some iPhone manufacturing to India to developing contingency plans ready to be deployed as needed.

In this episode, we discuss how companies can methodically develop a strategy to ensure long-term supply chain stability.

We hope you join us for Episode 22 – China Escape Plan: De-Risking Explained.


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