Riskology by Infortal Episode 24: Risk on The Rocks: Rare Earth Elements

Check out the latest episode of Riskology by Infortal™ – Risk on the Rocks: Rare Earth Elements.

Ever wonder what powers the technology that fuels our future? From the smartphones in our pockets to the rockets aiming for Mars, there’s a secret ingredient: rare earth elements. Here’s the catch: while critical to innovation, these minerals are also vulnerable to global tensions.

In this episode, hosts Dr. Ian Oxnevad and Chris Mason, from Infortal Worldwide, discuss the risk management implications of accessing critical mineral resources. Taking a closer look at the global impact of these rare earth elements, you’ll gain insights into their strategic importance and understand their vital role in the advancement of sectors such as defense, energy, and technology.

Venture into the global risk chessboard, to learn about how the race for dominance in the rare earth elements of space will impact who comes out on top in the 21st century.


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Infortal’s Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses are designed to equip executives, attorneys and risk managers with strategic insights to navigate the complex landscape of geopolitical risk. We cover topics such as international sanctions, regulatory risks, corporate espionage, AML, global warfare, anti-terrorist financing and corruption.

We can help you make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks for your business.
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