Riskology By Infortal™ Episode 26: Election Risk – How Polls Lie

Welcome to Episode 26 of Riskology by Infortal™ - Election Risk: How Polls Lie. 
In this episode, Dr. Ian Oxnevad and Christopher Mason, Esq. illuminate the complexities and pitfalls that bedevil the world of political polling.

Across the globe, the winds of change are blowing. From the US to the UK and beyond, from pro-business shifts to the rise of populism, the world is in a state of flux. 

With over 50% of the world’s population heading to the voting booth, companies and investors are focused even more heavily on election polling.

However, over reliance on polling presents risks as polls often fail to provide an accurate prediction of election outcomes. Companies should avoid overreliance on polls in shaping their operational and investment strategies.  

Polling inaccuracies are often attributed to various methodological challenges, including the design of survey questions, the selection of survey participants, and the interpretation of data collected from a subset of the population.

Enhanced technology and societal shifts demand new strategies to gauge public opinion accurately. Pollsters are struggling to keep pace in a world that no longer picks up the phone.

In addition, elections aren't just political - they're potential game-changers for your industry. Staying informed can mean the difference between missing out and moving ahead. 

Instead of relying on polling alone, it is a best practice to employ multifaceted analysis that incorporates polling insights, along with a comprehensive assessment of political, economic, and social trends. 

We hope you join us for this timely conversation on how your business can prepare for the upcoming election season and avoid the pitfalls of overreliance on polls. 


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