NY-Financial-Institution-Character-and-Fitness-AssessmentsNew York - Department of Financial Services Character and Fitness Assessment Solutions
Is your firm prepared for the enhanced New York Department of Financial Services (NY-DFS)i Character  and Fitness requirements?
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Geopolitical Risk Checklist
Tensions are rising across the globe that can threaten your business, and it is important to understand your company's exposure to global risk.
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Infortal Due DiligenceGlobal Due Diligence Investigations Whitepaper
Learn how our global due diligence investigations help you identify bad actors that get in the way of your business.
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Ignoring Geopolitical Risk During & After Cross-Border M&A Can Destroy Your Valuation in Minutes
Recent global events, including the breakout of war in Europe and the increase in trade-based sanctions, have demonstrated how geopolitical risk events can quickly disrupt national economies and business operations. As Christopher Mason and Ian Oxnevad of Infortal Worldwide explore, the world of M&A is not immune from the same geopolitical risk pressures, raising the stakes for would-be investors and dealmakers.
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obvious facts and bad companyObvious Facts and Bad Company
The document provides essential guidance on conducting thorough investigations to verify issuer claims. It goes beyond simple questionnaires, emphasizing the need for deeper due diligence processes and leveraging open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations. By downloading this document, you will gain valuable insights into identifying disqualifying events and understanding the challenges of researching history at varying jurisdictions. It will equip you with the knowledge to effectively corroborate information and utilize tools like Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) for federal litigation history.
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Costs of Corporate Corruption – 5 Key Takeaways
This whitepaper looks at Due Diligence and the Costs of Corporate Corruption. Most CCOs are working with limited information from their due diligence programs or due diligence providers. This means they do not have important data on potential corruption risks to inform their risk assessment matrix. Between 10 to 20% of CEOS and senior executives […]
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International Due Diligence
This whitepaper looks at key takeaways from recent enforcement actions where the lack of or inadequate due diligence investigations had significant impact to regulatory enforcement. Due diligence should be viewed as an ongoing process: we examine pre-acquisition risk assessment as an important lens to view the feasibility of M&A business strategy. Chief Compliance Officers with […]
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CLE Accredited Courses

Infortal’s Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses are designed to equip executives, attorneys and risk managers with strategic insights to navigate the complex landscape of geopolitical risk. We cover topics such as international sanctions, regulatory risks, corporate espionage, AML, global warfare, anti-terrorist financing and corruption.

We can help you make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks for your business.